Part of speech: noun

A flight; especially the flight of Mohammed from Mekka, A. D. 622.

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Usage examples "hegira":

  1. The revolt of the Arabs, which overthrew the power of the Persians in their western provinces and for a time restored Egypt to Constantinople, was the foundation of the mighty empire of the caliphs; and the Hegira, or flight of Muhammed, from which the Arabic historians count their lunar years, took place in 622, the twelfth year of Heraclius. - "History Of Egypt From 330 B.C. To The Present Time, Volume 11 (of 12)", S. Rappoport.
  2. That wretched stone from the cavern where Mahommed slept in the Hegira! - "The Strange Adventures of Mr. Middleton", Wardon Allan Curtis.
  3. The promises of the Houris are almost exclusively to be found in Suras, written at a time when Mohammed had only a single wife of sixty years of age, and in all the ten years subsequent to the Hegira, women are only twice mentioned as the reward of the faithful. - "The Women of the Arabs", Henry Harris Jessup.