Part of speech: noun

The pansy or violet.

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Usage examples "heartsease":

  1. Now Heartsease could not understand what they meant, for she did not know she was a fright; but their words made her thoughtful and sad, and she wondered what they were talking about. - "The Blue Rose Fairy Book", Maurice Baring.
  2. No, no, said Heartsease, I understand everything. - "The Blue Rose Fairy Book", Maurice Baring.
  3. I used to show him pictures o' them in the Heartsease Library- fine- lukin' fellays wi' black mustacheys- but he juist aye said, 'It's easy to draw a pictur', and he wouldna own that they wis onything but meeserable to look at. - "Penny Plain", Anna Buchan (writing as O. Douglas).