Part of speech: noun

A vehicle for carrying the dead to the grave.

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Usage examples "hearse":

  1. There stood the sable hearse of Wallace, rather than yield the ground which he had rendered doubly precious by having made it the scene and the guerdon of his invincible deeds! - "The Scottish Chiefs", Jane Porter.
  2. But there was a sadder day; a narrow coffin, a black hearse, and a tolling bell, which always wakes me from my sleep, and I find the dream all gone, and nothing left of the little child but the wicked Lenora Carter. - "Homestead on the Hillside", Mary Jane Holmes.
  3. Half mourning was not worn on the Marsh, so there was no interval of grey and violet between Joanna's hearse- like costume of crape and nodding feathers and the tan- coloured gown in which she astonished the twin parishes of Brodnyx and Pedlinge on the first Sunday in November. - "Joanna Godden", Sheila Kaye-Smith.