Part of speech: noun

The office of a chief: authority.

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Usage examples "headship":

  1. He then decided that his people had been so long duped by the grafters and tricksters masquerading as the successors of Lincoln and Grant, that he would use his influence to have the Negroes divide their vote by supporting Woodrow Wilson in 1912. Dr. J. Milton Waldron, an influential Baptist minister of Washington, feeling that it would mean a new day for the Negro to have this democratic college president of many promises elevated to the headship of the nation by the aid of the Negro vote, did likewise. - "The History of the Negro Church", Carter Godwin Woodson.
  2. Certain groups sought the headship. - "This Simian World", Clarence Day Jr..
  3. For centuries its members had recognized the pope as their ecclesiastical head; henceforth they were to own the ecclesiastical headship of their king. - "A Political and Social History of Modern Europe V.1.", Carlton J. H. Hayes.