Part of speech: adjective

Of or pertaining to the island of Hawaii, or to the group of associated islands.

Part of speech: noun

One of the Hawaiian people.

Part of speech: noun

The Hawaiian language.

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Usage examples "hawaiian":

  1. Then, in the spring of 1866 he was commissioned by the " Sacramento Union" to write a series of letters that would report the life, trade, agriculture, and general aspects of the Hawaiian group. - "The Boys' Life of Mark Twain", Albert Bigelow Paine.
  2. I do think this hat of Hawaiian straw is a success. - "The Port of Adventure", Charles Norris Williamson and Alice Muriel Williamson.
  3. She is more at home in the Hawaiian market than among the ruined temples of Athens. - "Celebrated Women Travellers of the Nineteenth Century", W. H. Davenport Adams.