Part of speech: noun

A thick cushion for a footstool.

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Usage examples "hassock":

  1. Cui Ai at once came to centre of wide half circle, and after making little bow, take seat on low hassock, Miss Sterling whisper to Dr. Ewing, " She look like fire- witch with the great flames framing her black head, and those long braids sweeping out over the floor." - "Seven Maids of Far Cathay", Bing Ding, Ed..
  2. Betty had mounted on the hassock to have a full view of the singer long ago, and was now trying in vain to restrain the pent- up feelings of her sensitive little soul. - "Odd", Amy Le Feuvre.
  3. The hassock slipped, and I fell into the next pew. - "Poor Relations", Compton Mackenzie.