Part of speech: verb

To hinder.

Part of speech: verb

To impose a handicap on; hinder; retard.

Part of speech: noun

The weighting of the better horses, or the allowance of time or distance in favor of a weaker rival; also, a race so conducted.

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Usage examples "handicap":

  1. So I handicap myself in the same way he did, do you see?" - "Hand and Ring", Anna Katharine Green.
  2. It's a heavy enough handicap, under the best of circumstances, to go to war burdened with years; add the burden of a monster fortune, and it isn't in human nature to fight well. - "The Deluge", David Graham Phillips.
  3. She had started with a handicap, but she caught up with the rest and passed them gracefully by ingeniously altering the final a to an e, and pronouncing it Zheelee. - "In a Little Town", Rupert Hughes.