Part of speech: verb

To impose upon; outwit.

Part of speech: noun

A long winged water fowl. See illus. on next page.

Part of speech: noun

A credulous person; dupe.

Part of speech: noun

A deceit.

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Usage examples "gull":

  1. He's Johanson, he; Gull Hansdotter, she." - "Little Tora, The Swedish Schoolmistress and Other Stories", Mrs. Woods Baker.
  2. Wooed by a gull, she accompanied the bird to an inland home, to find instead of her dreams of delight a nest of sticks and rotten fish on a high- hung ledge. - "The New North", Agnes Deans Cameron.
  3. It was mid- afternoon when the Gull at last approached the head of Abel's Bay, and in the distance the two cabins gradually came into view. - "Bobby of the Labrador", Dillon Wallace.