Part of speech: verb

To behead with the guillotine.

Part of speech: noun

An instrument for be heading criminals by the fall of a weighted knife: used by the French.

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Usage examples "guillotine":

  1. Her forefathers had mounted the guillotine smiling. - "The Maids of Paradise", Robert W. (Robert William) Chambers.
  2. The heads of many fell under the guillotine. - "Nooks and Corners of the New England Coast", Samuel Adams Drake.
  3. You are as beautiful as you are wicked, Roberta, Marquise of Grez and Bye, but you go to your death in a manner befitting a grande dame of your ancient house of France, whose daughters once showed the rabble how to approach a guillotine, costumed in magnificence. - "The Daredevil", Maria Thompson Daviess.