Part of speech: noun

A tropical American tree or its fruit, from which guava jelly is made.

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Usage examples "guava":

  1. Again, any reasonable child can tell you that pleasure is the main object of eating; therefore, in all logic, one should eat if one feels like it at ten o'clock in the morning, or at three o'clock in the afternoon, a jar of Guava jelly, a pound of chocolates, a paper of ginger cookies, or whatever may appeal to one's aesthetic taste. - "The Firelight Fairy Book", Henry Beston.
  2. Following Judson's glance, O'Reilly beheld an emaciated figure lying in the shade of a near- by guava- bush. - "Rainbow's End", Rex Beach.
  3. The almond, the guava, the cocoa, the soursop, the orange, the lime, and the mamey apple afford a great variety. - "To Cuba and Back", Richard Henry Dana.