Part of speech: noun

A tall, slender hunting- dog, noted for keen sight and swiftness.

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Usage examples "greyhound":

  1. " Yes," replied the Commodore, " but I think you had better take one of our destroyers, say the Greyhound, back with you. - "The World Peril of 1910", George Griffith.
  2. I take no force, said the knight, whether I live or I die; but so for dread of death he swore to go unto King Arthur, and he made him to bear one greyhound before him on his horse, and another behind him. - "Le Morte D'Arthur, Volume I (of II) King Arthur and of his Noble Knights of the Round Table", Thomas Malory.
  3. The gentleman takes it into his carriage, but when they have driven a little farther the dog springs out of the carriage through the window, and goes back to his father, and is no longer a greyhound. - "Household Tales by Brothers Grimm", Grimm Brothers.