What does the word gravestone mean?

Usage examples for gravestone

  1. " A pity that he did not tell the truth on the gravestone- that he did not follow his star to the last, monsieur? – Cumner & South Sea Folk, v5 by Gilbert Parker
  2. But where is the " triple curse" with which, according to this authority, " that gravestone is weighted"? – Shakespeare's Bones by C. M. Ingleby
  3. 1498, and near it- in the pavement, the half- effaced gravestone of Sigismondo Conti, whose features are so familiar to us from his portrait introduced into the famous picture of the Madonna di Foligno, which was painted by Raphael at his order, and presented by him to this church, where it remained over the high altar, till 1565, when his great niece Anna became a nun at the convent of the Contesse at Foligno, and was allowed to carry it away with her. – Walks in Rome by Augustus J.C. Hare