Part of speech: noun

One who or that which grates; a utensil for grating substances.

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Usage examples "grater":

  1. My sister, Mrs. Joe, with black hair and eyes, had such a prevailing redness of skin that I sometimes used to wonder whether it was possible she washed herself with a nutmeg- grater instead of soap. - "Great Expectations", Charles Dickens.
  2. It's a grater, a darling grater for horseradish and nutmeg and cocoanut. - "Gaslight Sonatas", Fannie Hurst.
  3. These, however, he got from Toole, close at hand, and with a little silver grater and a pretty little agate pocket pestle and mortar- an heirloom derived from poor Aunt Bell- he made a wonderful powder; 'nutmeg and ginger, cinnamon and cloves, ' as the song says, and every other stinging product of nature and chemistry which the author of this famous family 'purge for the head' could bring to remembrance; and certainly it was potent. - "The House by the Church-Yard", J. Sheridan Le Fanu.