Part of speech: verb

To grasp rudely; clutch; seize suddenly or dishonestly.

Part of speech: noun

An act of grabbing; a clutch; snatch.

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Usage examples "grab":

  1. The wretched bully, shivering with passion and sudden fear, made a grab at Jim, and in an instant he was lying on the floor, and the two sailors opened the door and stepped out into the cold fog. - "Looking Seaward Again", Walter Runciman.
  2. A tall sophomore reached up confidently to grab it, but she found her hands empty. - "Betty Wales Freshman", Edith K. Dunton.
  3. There is enough for everyone, and yet the instinct of these little creatures is to try and grab and keep all, each one for itself. - "The New Theology", R. J. Campbell.