Part of speech: noun

A glutton.

Part of speech: noun

An epicure.

Part of speech:


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Usage examples "gourmand":

  1. " My dear Pelham," said Glanville, " let us see a great deal of each other: I live very much alone: I have an excellent cook, sent me over from France, by the celebrated gourmand Marechal de-. - "Pelham, Complete", Edward Bulwer-Lytton Last Updated: March 16, 2009.
  2. The thinnest part of the fish is the fattest, and if you have a " grand gourmand" at table, ask him if he is for thick or thin. - "A Poetical Cook-Book", Maria J. Moss.
  3. I said, " My dear Professor, how comes it that you, who have every feature of gourmandise, are not a gourmand?" - "The Physiology of Taste", Brillat Savarin.