What does the word goshawk mean?

Usage examples for goshawk

  1. The resonant whooping of a swamp pheasant, antiphonal to a bell- voiced, crimson- crowned fruit pigeon in a giant fig- tree, the screeches of a sulphur- crested cockatoo as it tumbled in the air, evading the swoops of a grey goshawk, materialised the peace and the conflicts of a scene upon which no man had made mark. – Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield
  2. It was astonishing how quickly the cubs learned that game is not to be picked up tamely, like huckleberries, and changed their style of hunting,- creeping, instead of trotting openly so that even a porcupine must notice them, hiding behind rocks and bushes and tufts of grass till the precise moment came, and then leaping with the swoop of a goshawk on a ptarmigan. – Northern Trails, Book I. by William J. Long