Part of speech: noun

The character of being godly.

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Usage examples "godliness":

  1. Thus Ray was no Villain, when he accus'd Colonel Sackvile, before the House of Commons; but when he failed of the reward of godliness at their hands, and from a Wig became a tearing Tory in new Cloaths, our Author puts him upon the File of Rogues, with this brand, Than whom a more notorious and known Villian lives not. - "His Majesties Declaration Defended", John Dryden.
  2. There are men whose godliness and ability are beyond all question, who hold diverse views on this matter. - "Love's Final Victory", Horatio.
  3. A well- authenticated College tradition relates that when, at an election, the President called upon the Master to have regard to the " godly," Tuckney replied that no one showed greater regard for the truly godly than himself, but that he was determined to choose none but scholars; adding, with practical wisdom, " They may deceive me in their godliness; they cannot in their scholarship." - "St. John's College, Cambridge", Robert Forsyth Scott.