Part of speech: noun

An African ruminant having a very long neck.

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Usage examples "giraffe":

  1. The elephants, the giraffe, the rhinoceros, the hippopotamus, etc. - "Aunt Mary", Mrs. Perring.
  2. He rather favored having been a quacking ornithorhynchus and going to be a ring- straked giraffe; and yet the claims of the groundhog, which sleeps half its life away, also appealed to Gud, because he had a long time to live. - "The Book of Gud", Dan Spain Harold Hersey.
  3. When Le Vaillant, in the last century, assured the Parisians that he had shot a giraffe at the Cape, he was politely informed that the giraffe was fabulous, extinct- in short, that he lied; and now, behold! - "Literary and General Lectures and Essays", Charles Kingsley.