Part of speech: noun

The art of overlaying thinly with gold.

Part of speech: noun

An overlay of gold; gift.

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Usage examples "gilding":

  1. Military trophies are mingled with the decorations, the whole on a white ground, and richly ornamented with gilding. - "The Idler in France", Marguerite Gardiner.
  2. In the evening he again turned his back on the city, taking his way " where Liffey rolls her dead dogs to the sea," along to the wall on the shore, whence be delighted to see the sun sink into the waters, gilding ocean, ships, and city as it vanished. - "Burke", John Morley.
  3. Far away the Sun was gilding the hard outlines of mountains that ringed them in. - "The Finding of Haldgren", Charles Willard Diffin.