Part of speech: noun

People of good family: now more commonly genilefolks.

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Usage examples "gentlefolk":

  1. " Of course I know that gentlefolk don't believe in omens, but it's a bad omen, madam," Fedosya went on in a doleful voice, " the young lady will hide, and hide..." - "Best Russian Short Stories", Various.
  2. Of course, they might be more grandly lodged by the rich and the great- gentlefolk in their own station. - "The Dew of Their Youth", S. R. Crockett.
  3. In " A House of Gentlefolk," at four o'clock in the morning, Mihalevich is still talking about the social duties of Russian landowners, and he roars out, " We are sleeping, and the time is slipping away; we are sleeping!" - "Essays on Russian Novelists", William Lyon Phelps.