Part of speech: verb

To make a long, deep cut in.

Part of speech: noun

A long, deep incision; a flesh wound.

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Usage examples "gash":

  1. A slight gash was visible on the side of his head where the skin was bruised. - "Swamp Island", Mildred A. Wirt.
  2. Already along the hillside a yellow gash was deepening from the dam site through the fenced fields where ran the right of way; while in the Pinas, low at this season, the traverse section of the river bed had been cleaned out and the base of the dam was building of stones and brush. - "The Iron Furrow", George C. Shedd.
  3. From the bridge they had a sudden view of a raw gash in the earth; and hundreds of men were crawling about in it, busy with minute operations, like flies in a great wound. - "The Old Wives' Tale", Arnold Bennett.