Part of speech: verb

To put a garter upon; fasten with a garter.

Part of speech: noun

A band to hold a stocking in place.

Part of speech: noun

The badge of the highest order of knighthood in Great Britain, called the Order of the Garter; the order itself.

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Usage examples "garter":

  1. With heartfelt joy Cardinal Pole pronounced it without delay, first at a meeting of the Parliament in the palace, then with greater solemnity at S. Paul's at a high mass attended by the Court with a brilliant suite; among those present were the knights who wore the Burgundian order of the Golden Fleece, and those who wore the English Order of the Garter. - "A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volume I (of 6)", Leopold von Ranke.
  2. But the Garter Snake says that Mrs. Robin is the bravest of the family. - "Among the Meadow People", Clara Dillingham Pierson.
  3. There was Garter, who had been in the Sixth four terms, and was in the Second Fifteen. - "The Loom of Youth", Alec Waugh.