Part of speech: verb

To protect; defend; watch over; be on one's guard.

Part of speech: noun

One who or that which protects or defends.

Part of speech: noun

Watchful oversight; an attitude or condition of defence.

Part of speech: noun

One having charge, as of a train, or of baggage.

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Usage examples "gard":

  1. Please your Honours, The chiefe cause concernes his Grace of Canterbury Gard. - "Henry-VIII", Shakespeare, William.
  2. And through, that, somehow, there came to be a little convalescent home for the children from the hospital,- oh, I must tell you that story too, some day, and it is called Joyous Gard. - "Hildegarde's Neighbors", Laura E. Richards.
  3. I have called this book of mine by the name of Joyous Gard, because it speaks of a stronghold that we can win with our own hands, where we can abide in great content, so long as we are not careful to linger there in sloth and idleness, but are ready to ride abroad at the call for help. - "Joyous Gard", Arthur Christopher Benson.