Part of speech: noun

The act or process of fusing; blending; coalition.

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Usage examples "fusion":

  1. The Marchese di San Giacinto differed from his relations, the Saracinesca princes, in that he was a full- blooded Italian, and not the result of a cosmopolitan race- fusion, like so many of the Roman nobles. - "Sant' Ilario", F. Marion Crawford.
  2. It might be fairly urged that I have less poetic sentiment than Tennyson, and less intellectual vigour and abundance than Browning; yet because I have perhaps more of a fusion of the two than either of them, and have more regularly applied that fusion to the main line of modern development, I am likely enough to have my turn. - "Matthew Arnold", George Saintsbury.
  3. Sometimes a modern galvanised iron tub indicates the fusion of Eastern and Western habits. - "India and the Indians", Edward F. Elwin.