Usage examples for furtherance

  1. Having once entered the foreign field on a large scale, they will of necessity continue to be in demand not only for the furtherance of industrial projects, but for purposes of maintaining that which has been installed at their hands. – Opportunities in Engineering by Charles M. Horton
  2. But as a watch dog he took himself most seriously, though not greatly to the furtherance of our repose. – Sigurd Our Golden Collie and Other Comrades of the Road by Katharine Lee Bates
  3. At all events, he regards " Emerson" as intelligent Englishmen all do; and you will please me much by giving him your friendliest reception and furtherance,- which I can certify that he deserves for his own sake, not counting mine at all. – The Correspondence of Thomas Carlyle and Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1834-1872, Vol II. by Thomas Carlyle and Ralph Waldo Emerson