Part of speech: noun

A measure; one eighth of a mile.

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Usage examples "furlong":

  1. There was only one great difficulty in their way; a man on a horse might cross the moor, but a cart must go by " Raby Hall" to reach the church: and, before they got within a furlong of the Hall, a watch- dog began to bark. - "Put Yourself in His Place", Charles Reade.
  2. It was on a hot Saturday in July that Susan, leaving the office at two o'clock, met the lovely Mrs. John Furlong on the shore road. - "Saturday's Child", Kathleen Norris.
  3. John Furlong told Susan a great deal of his new yacht, rattling off technical terms with simple pride, and quoting at length one of the men at the ship- builders' yard. - "Saturday's Child", Kathleen Norris.