What does the word frothy mean?

Usage examples for frothy

  1. Course, it's kind of frothy stuff to pass for conversation; but it bubbles out constant, and she blows it around impartial. – On With Torchy by Sewell Ford
  2. Amazed th' intruder felt His frothy body melt And heard the radiance on his bosom hiss; And, forced in blind confusion to retire, Leapt in the water to escape the fire. – Curiosities of Literature, Vol. 1 (of 3) by Isaac D'Israeli
  3. When Terry Stamper brought the pail of beer now the new printer drank abundantly of the frothy stuff, and for a time glowed gently with a suggestive radiance, as if he, too, were almost moved to tell of strange cities; but he never did. – The Wrong Twin by Harry Leon Wilson