What does the word frankincense mean?

Usage examples for frankincense

  1. He sent many of the spoils to Olympias, Kleopatra, and others of his friends, and sent his tutor Leonidas five hundred talents weight of frankincense, and a hundred talents of myrrh, to remind him of what he had said when a child. – Plutarch's Lives Volume III. by Plutarch
  2. Climbing, step by step, in the upward ascent of Christian faith and hope, he seems only to " reach the height of his great argument" when he stands on " the mountain of myrrh and the hill of frankincense." – Memories of Bethany by John Ross Macduff
  3. So in all religious ceremonies frankincense and myrrh play a prominent part. – Bushido, the Soul of Japan by Inazo Nitobé