Part of speech: noun

An aromatic gum; used as an incense.

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Usage examples "frankincense":

  1. He sent many of the spoils to Olympias, Kleopatra, and others of his friends, and sent his tutor Leonidas five hundred talents weight of frankincense, and a hundred talents of myrrh, to remind him of what he had said when a child. - "Plutarch's Lives Volume III.", Plutarch.
  2. Climbing, step by step, in the upward ascent of Christian faith and hope, he seems only to " reach the height of his great argument" when he stands on " the mountain of myrrh and the hill of frankincense." - "Memories of Bethany", John Ross Macduff.
  3. So in all religious ceremonies frankincense and myrrh play a prominent part. - "Bushido, the Soul of Japan", Inazo Nitobé.