What does the word fornication mean?

    Part of speech: noun

  • illicit sexual intercourse

  • Part of speech: noun

  • Fornicator.

  • Part of speech: feminine noun

  • Fornicatress.

Usage examples for fornication

  1. Adultery, incest, fornication, were the common order of things, accepted by public opinion, and even consecrated by religion. – Primitive Love and Love-Stories by Henry Theophilus Finck
  2. Fornication, made a crime; with a woman under age a crime though with her consent. – Popular Law-making by Frederic Jesup Stimson
  3. 7. Act concerning the publike satisfaction of Married persons, for Fornication committed before Marriage. – The-Acts-Of-The-General-Assemblies-of-the-Church-of-Scotland by Church of Scotland. General Assembly