Part of speech: noun

A taste or brief experience beforehand.

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Usage examples "foretaste":

  1. The ecstasy had begun in the schoolroom and over the Berceuse, quite in the manner of the same foretaste on the day, a little while back, when Susan had panted up and she herself, after the hint about the duchess, had sailed down; for what harm then had there been in drops and disappointments if she could still have, even only a moment, the sensation of such a name " brought up"? - "What Maisie Knew", Henry James.
  2. But they hold the earnest of victory, the foretaste of life eternal. - "The Expositor's Bible: Ephesians", G. G. Findlay.
  3. He proposed to himself a pleasant evening's chat, in which that lady would be discussed in all her bearings, and he would enjoy a foretaste of the praise ere long to be dealt out to him before an admiring public. - "Audrey Craven", May Sinclair.