Part of speech: noun

The conduct or practises of a fop.

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Usage examples "foppery":

  1. The higher class of the Andalusians are probably upon the whole the most vain and foolish of human beings, with a taste for nothing but sensual amusements, foppery in dress, and ribald discourse. - "The Bible in Spain", George Borrow.
  2. We require to ponder these things, and think how we, in our climate and under our circumstances, ought to live; and in doing so, we may, without accusation of foreign foppery, take some leaves from many foreign books. - "The American Woman's Home", Catherine E. Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe.
  3. The shirt, open at the throat, was fastened by a brooch of gaudy stones; and two pendent massive gold chains announced the foppery of two watches. - "Zanoni", Edward Bulwer Lytton.