Part of speech: noun

A size of writing paper about 13 by 8 inches.

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Usage examples "foolscap":

  1. Sam and Herman and Verman stood in attitudes of rigid attention, shoulder to shoulder, while Penrod Schofield, facing them, was apparently delivering some sort of exhortation, which he read from a scribbled sheet of foolscap. - "Penrod and Sam", Booth Tarkington.
  2. In another moment they were shut up in Mr. Byrd's room, with a large sheet of foolscap before them. - "Hand and Ring", Anna Katharine Green.
  3. He had reduced the more important of the various possible human beliefs to twenty- odd propositions and many subheads, all of which he had had printed on a double sheet of foolscap. - "Comrade Yetta", Albert Edwards.