Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: noun

Condensed watery vapor suspended in the air near the earth; mist.

Part of speech: noun

Bewilderment; perplexity; obscurity.

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Usage examples "fog":

  1. The night was wrapped in an ocean fog, there was no moon and no stars, but the air was soft and warm. - "Sisters", Kathleen Norris.
  2. Why did she feel as if some one had placed a hand on her and drawn all her life away, and left her with no emotion or feeling- only a dull, blank, despair, like a cold fog through which no sun shone? - "The Wooden Horse", Hugh Walpole.
  3. Why won't this miserable fog lift. - "The Girl Aviators' Sky Cruise", Margaret Burnham.