Part of speech: noun

Coarse feed, for horses, cattle, etc., as the stalks and leaves of Indian corn.

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Usage examples "fodder":

  1. He should have had a horse, yes, but he cannot keep a horse till he can provide more fodder. - "Look Back on Happiness", Knut Hamsun.
  2. We find him writing to a friend: Since you received my letter of October last, I have not slept above three or four nights in a bed, but after walking a good deal all the day, I have lain down before the fire upon a little hay, straw, fodder, or a bearskin, whichever was to be had, with man, wife, and children, like dogs and cats; and happy is he who gets the berth nearest the fire. - "Boys' Book of Famous Soldiers", J. Walker McSpadden.
  3. Standing up on the bags of fodder Marcu saw the black smoke that rose from his camp. - "The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story", Various.