Part of speech: verb

To confuse; flurry.

Part of speech: noun

Confusion of mind; flurry.

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Usage examples "fluster":

  1. And when the Cheap Jack declared that she was quite free to look without buying, and that he did not want her to buy, Mrs. Lake allowed him to pull down his goods as before, and listened to his statements as if she had never proved them to be lies, and was thrown into confusion and fluster when he began to bully, and bought in haste to be rid of him, and repented at leisure- to no purpose as far as the future was concerned. - "Jan of the Windmill", Juliana Horatia Ewing.
  2. So somehow in my fluster I left the iron on the dress. - "The Privet Hedge", J. E. Buckrose.
  3. There had been a fluster at the last, when it was discovered that her mackintosh was fully six inches too short for her new skirts, and that she had outgrown her thick boots, but a hurried visit to Great Marston had remedied these deficiencies, and the box was packed to everybody's satisfaction. - "The Luckiest Girl in the School", Angela Brazil.