What does the word flit mean?

    Part of speech: present participle

  • Flitting.

  • Part of speech: verb intransitive

  • To fly rapidly and lightly; dart; skim.

Usage examples for flit

  1. I believe she was born with a company voice in her mouth; and she would flit like a butterfly from one grown- up person to another, chit- chattering, whilst some of us stood pounding our knuckles in our pockets, and tying our legs into knots, as we wished the drawing- room carpet would open and let us through into the cellar to play at catacombs. – Melchior's Dream and Other Tales by Juliana Horatia Ewing
  2. That was all very well for the poet Rodolphe, a good- for- nothing who was ready to turn his hand to anything, and who never let a five franc piece flit past him without trying to capture it, no matter how. – Bohemians of the Latin Quarter by Henry Murger
  3. The opening of the holidays came at last, as all bright places in life come and flit past, and Colonel Hamilton returned on leave to his home with buoyant spirits, for he did not come alone. – Lily Pearl and The Mistress of Rosedale by Ida Glenwood