Part of speech: noun

Insincere love making. flirting.

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Usage examples "flirtation":

  1. So, when they were to travel to Egypt, Martina took it for granted that Heliodora must go with them, and that the flirtation which had made her favorite the talk of the town must, in Memphis, become courtship in earnest. - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.
  2. And it was odd, she thought, that directly she got into an awkward place with a flirtation, her first impulse was to go to James to get her out. - "Love and Lucy", Maurice Henry Hewlett.
  3. You may remember that on the veranda of Baldpate Inn I spoke of one summer hotel flirtation that was going to prove more than that. - "Seven Keys to Baldpate", Earl Derr Biggers.