Part of speech: verb

To border.

Part of speech: verb

To turn, guard, or threaten the flank ( of).

Part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to the flank or side.

Part of speech: noun

The part of an animal's side between the ribs and the hip.

Part of speech: noun

The side of anything, as of an army.

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Usage examples "flank":

  1. He had counted most on aid from Cunningham and Mahommed Gunga, but that source seemed to have failed him; and he gave up hope of their arrival when a body of several thousand rebels took up position on his flank and cut off approach from the direction whence Cunningham should come. - "Rung Ho!", Talbot Mundy.
  2. Is there anything like a flank movement in boarding, Captain Breaker? - "A Victorious Union SERIES: The Blue and the Gray--Afloat", Oliver Optic.
  3. There he will call upon his friends and attack us in the flank. - "Poet Lore, Volume XXIV, Number IV, 1912", Various.