Part of speech: noun

An implement for separating grain from chaff by beating.

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Usage examples "flail":

  1. Not less ancient was the use of the old- fashioned flail- an instrument only discarded within the memory of living man. - "A Cotswold Village", J. Arthur Gibbs.
  2. Harrigan rushed at Ross, who dropped quickly to one knee as the Irishman’ s flail- like swing whistled over his head. - "Lost Farm Camp", Harry Herbert Knibbs.
  3. The more regular yoke attached to the Norag, which from its cutting and bruising qualities has been translated by the French " Hache paille," or chop- straw- this bears astounding similarity to the " whop- straw" shared by the old- fashioned British bucolic with his flail- is seen in the other photograph of the pair of native cows, though very frequently it is drawn by a yoke of oxen, by the big, clumsy buffaloes, or even by a yoke consisting of one of each, the oxen taking the palm for their sturdiness and staying power. - "The Khedive's Country", George Manville Fenn.