Part of speech: noun

The act or process of filtering.

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Usage examples "filtration":

  1. The whole formation of the district, these capacious caverns, and the numerous and extensive tea- tree swamps along the coast, plainly demonstrate that they are supplied by gradual filtration, or find their way through the interstices, or cells of the lava to the lower levels. - "Expedition into Central Australia", Charles Sturt.
  2. Worcester is also proposing to chlorinate the supply to maintain the purity of the water without extending the slow sand filtration plant. - "Chlorination of Water", Joseph Race.
  3. He had a matter of six or seven cubic centimeters of clear liquid as the conclusion of a long process of culturing, and examination by microscope, and again culturing plus final filtration. - "This World Is Taboo", Murray Leinster.