Part of speech: noun

A narrow band, as for binding the hair.

Part of speech: noun

A strip of lean meat.

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Usage examples "fillet":

  1. Then, knowing his strength was coming to an end, he approached an Indian whose splendid fillet and trappings denoted him of consequence; and Jones was near shouting with relief when the Indian shrank backward. - "Red Men and White", Owen Wister.
  2. They arranged Volumnia's classical garments and ornaments, adjusted her gold fillet; draped the folds of Veturia's flowing robe, and persuaded Brutus to abandon spectacles for the occasion. - "The School by the Sea", Angela Brazil.
  3. The costume was of that classical character prevalent in this country before the general peace; a blue ribbon bound together as a fillet her clustering chestnut curls. - "Coningsby", Benjamin Disraeli.