Part of speech: verb

To find by keen search; with out.

Part of speech: verb

To hunt with ferrets.

Part of speech: noun

A weasel- like carnivore, usually white with red eyes; used to hunt rabbits, rats, etc. .

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Usage examples "ferret":

  1. Breathlessly she watched the woman in the black dress, hoping for escape from those ferret eyes; but the horse and carriage were conspicuous, and Aunt Jane's glance fell first on Lone Star and then passed to the little girl upon the seat. - "Polly of the Hospital Staff", Emma C. Dowd.
  2. The police of New York had apparently thought it worth while to ferret out further facts in connection with the singer, who had not again returned to America. - "Lord John in New York", C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson.
  3. Of course I can, dog, I'm Ferret R. Fable! - "FreeChildrenStories.com Collection", Daniel Errico.