Part of speech: adjective

Abounding in or resembling ferns.

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Usage examples "ferny":

  1. As he spoke he turned to the right and swam for dear life, hiding at last under a tangle of ferny seaweed. - "The Sun's Babies", Edith Howes.
  2. Fishing too- the artist who came down was only too glad to make them friends, seeing how they knew the homes of the wily trout in the rocky nooks below the great fall down by the sluice, where the waters rushed from beneath the splashing wheel; and in the deep, deep depths of the great dam where the waters were gathered as they came down from the hills above, forming a vast reserve that never failed, but kept up the rattle and clatter of looms from year to year, and formed a place where the boys early learned to dive and swim, making their plunges from one of the ferny shelves above. - "Will of the Mill", George Manville Fenn.
  3. Window and door were open, and leafy, ferny odors mingled with the smell of burning cedar. - "The Window-Gazer", Isabel Ecclestone Mackay.