Part of speech: noun

A grave or capital crime.

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Usage examples "felony":

  1. You were well aware when you set about this business that you were committing felony; and have probably felt tolerably sure at times that you would some day be brought up short. - "Castle Richmond", Anthony Trollope.
  2. Whoever made these prints has never been arrested in the United States for a felony. - "Whispering Wires", Henry Leverage.
  3. And, as he had a good deal balanced, even when he committed Heartfree, on the excellent character given him by Friendly and the maid; and as he was much staggered on finding that, of the two persons on whose evidence alone Heartfree had been committed, and had been since convicted, one was in Newgate for a felony, and the other was now brought before him for a robbery, he thought proper to put the matter very home to Fireblood at this time. - "The History of the Life of the Late Mr. Jonathan Wild the Great", Henry Fielding.