Part of speech: noun

Fidelity, as of a vassal to his lord; loyalty.

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Usage examples "fealty":

  1. Wherefore I require of thee thou swear me fealty and friendship and fellowship, and I will swear the same to thee on the holy Gospel." - "Old French Romances", William Morris.
  2. He prepared to cut down the assassin of his children- he felt new strength- and drew nigh, in the hope of full vengeance; when suddenly his oath of fealty, and all his former promises, when he was the duke's friend, came across his mind. - "Tales From the 'Phantasus', etc. of Ludwig Tieck", Ludwig Tieck.
  3. She listened demurely, watching him, her lips sensitive with understanding; and she laughed when he laughed away his fealty to the superb Spaniard, knowing himself and the untried strength within him. - "The Danger Mark", Robert W. Chambers.