Part of speech: noun

Obstinate or conceited folly; imbecility.

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Usage examples "fatuity":

  1. It was not indeed that he thought of that disaster as, at the worst, a direct sacrifice of their possibilities: he imaged- it which was enough as some proved vanity, some exposed fatuity, in the idea of bringing Mrs. Lowder round. - "The Wings of the Dove, Volume 1 of 2", Henry James.
  2. Suppose that, with the fatuity which generally leads human beings to keep compromising documents, her aunt had preserved these papers? - "The Marrow of Tradition", Charles W. Chesnutt.
  3. Long before he attained any proficiency upon one, he would take that back to wherever it came from, and bring home another; till at last she felt it a duty to remonstrate with the fellow upon the fatuity of not getting something one wanted at first and then sticking to it. - "The Genius", Margaret Horton Potter.