Part of speech: noun

Anything that offends the eye.

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Usage examples "eyesore":

  1. She thinks she is an eyesore in Mount Mark because of it. - "Prudence of the Parsonage", Ethel Hueston.
  2. Out- buildings should not be allowed to mar the symmetry of the house and should be removed so that they would not be an eyesore but in keeping with the general plan. - "Remodeled Farmhouses", Mary H. Northend.
  3. They live in a block of cottages just beyond the hedge of a substantial house- a block which, it must be owned, is rather an eyesore from there, but which might easily be turned into a decent villa, and is actually up for sale for that purpose. - "Change in the Village", (AKA George Bourne) George Sturt.