Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: verb

To destroy; annihilate.

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Usage examples "exterminate":

  1. There was a nobler mission for Christians than that of seeking to exterminate each other, a higher object than that of endeavouring to sow the seeds of vulgar prejudice either against new discoveries or ancient institutions. - "Faces and Places", Henry William Lucy.
  2. It was merely their object to induce the foreign troops who had come to the aid of the allies to leave the kingdom, that they might then exterminate the Protestants by a general massacre. - "Henry IV, Makers of History", John S. C. Abbott.
  3. Now came the fifth question: " Who were the people who acted contrary to the decision of the states that the peasants should exterminate the sparrows, and mocked those who were appointed to collect the sparrows' heads?" - "The Golden Age in Transylvania", Mór Jókai.