Part of speech: noun

The act or state of expecting; expectation. expectance.

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Usage examples "expectancy":

  1. We are all on edge with expectancy. - "The Last Woman", Ross Beeckman.
  2. And after all, it was only thirty years out of a life expectancy of a hundred and fifty. - "Cost of Living", Robert Sheckley.
  3. This little silent, empty hand, held up so quietly, has often spoken to us of things unknown to our little girl; and as if to enforce the lesson, the other babies, to our amusement, apparently noticing the gratifying result of Seela's upturned hand, began to hold up their little hands with the same silent expectancy, till all round the table small hands were raised in perfect silence, by hopeful infants of observant habits and strong faith. - "Lotus Buds", Amy Carmichael.