Part of speech: verb

To explain by example; illustrate.

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Usage examples "exemplify":

  1. Both may equally exemplify interest in an activity " for its own sake"; but in one case the activity in which the interest resides is more or less casual, following the accident of circumstance and whim, or of dictation; in the other, the activity is enriched by the sense that it leads somewhere, that it amounts to something. - "How We Think", John Dewey.
  2. An obvious case will exemplify this principle:- The Declarer holds Ace, King, Queen, and one small Trump; the Dummy, four small; the Declarer, King, Queen, and two small Clubs, in which suit the Dummy has Ace and one small. - "Auction of To-day", Milton C. Work.
  3. In other words we have to show that what we intensely feel as Beauty can and does exemplify these principles, and through them is explained and accounted for. - "The Psychology of Beauty", Ethel D. Puffer.